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How does it work? utilizes Random Generation Marketing, Inc.'s patent pending business method & software platform. When we are notified you've made your first purchase through one of our affiliates, you enter our existing client pool. Once you're in the client pool, you have the opportunity to be randomly assigned other customers' accounts when we are notified they've made their first purchase. The process takes place in this manner, when a new customer makes their first purchase they are given a unique customer identifier. Just as an illustration, we will call them customer “G” for this example. The customer account “G” will be randomly assigned to an existing client's (“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E” or “F”) account. If the software randomly assigns account “G” to that of customer “B”, a portion of EVERY single qualifying purchase customer “G” makes will be set aside to be credited to customer “B's” account. If customer “B” has been randomly assigned more than one account, the same will apply for those customers' purchases as well. The only stipulation is that customer “B” must make purchases of $10 a month or a total of $50 every two months through one of our affiliates (*excludes shipping / handling & most gift cards) by linking through in order to qualify for those account credits. No other effort is required.


What if I don't get randomly assigned an account?
The beauty of is that, at minimum, you will receive a great deal on the product you order. There is no additional charge for linking through The price will be the same as it would had visited our affiliate site directly. There isn't a downside. You aren't risking anything. That being said, a happy customer is a good customer. WE WANT YOU TO GET ASSIGNED ACCOUNTS. Because we value your business we've put parameters in place to try and maximize everyone's online shopping experience through our portal. If you have met the minimum requirements ($10 a month or $50 every two months in qualifying purchases) for four (4) consecutive months and have yet to be randomly assigned an account, we will give you an additional “entry” into the customer selection pool from which the software randomly selects. As long as the minimum requirements continue to be met consecutively without a lapse and an account still hasn't been randomly assigned, we will add an additional “entry” every month until if/when an account gets randomly assigned. (For example, in month 4 you would have 2 entries, month 5 – 3 entries, month 6 – 4 entries..... and so on and so forth.) If a random assignment does occur, all additional “entries” (not the original) will be removed from the selection pool. Because the assignment is completely random we can't guarantee everyone will be assigned an account. There is no benefit to if you aren't assigned an account. That being said, because new customers are continually be introduced to our site, the opportunity to be randomly assigned an account will ALWAYS exist. 


What are my odds of randomly being assigned accounts? The odds of being assigned accounts will constantly be changing as new users continually sign up and more customers are added to the existing client pool. That being said, according to the United States Census Bureau there are approximately 242,500,000 adults in the U.S.A. If even a HALF of 1% were to shop on, that would be 1,212,500 users. If they do, once you are in a client pool, you'd have the chance to be randomly selected every single time one of them signs up.


Do I lose accounts that are assigned to me if I don't meet the monthly minimum purchase requirements? NO. Absolutely not. You will only lose assigned accounts if your own account becomes inactive. That occurs if a purchase hasn't been made in a consecutive 4 month period. There may be months when you simply don't need anything and that is fine. If the minimum monthly purchase requirement isn't met ($10 per month or a $50 purchase every 2 months) you simply don't earn / receive any credits you would have been issued from transactions made by any of your assigned account(s) for the month the minimum was not met. 


When is my account credited? Pending credits will show up in the MY DASHBOARD section of the site as soon as we are notified by our affiliate that a transaction has taken place. This time frame can range from 24 hours up to a week. The credit will change from a pending credit to a confirmed credit once the affiliate's return period has closed and we are issued a commission on the given transaction. It can be as little as a month or possibly up to three depending on each affiliate's specific terms and conditions of sale.


How do I get paid? Once is issued a commission based on a transaction made by an account you've been assigned, the associated pending credit (shown in the MY DASHBOARD section of the site) will switch to a confirmed credit. Payment will be issued to you within 5 to 10 business days of receiving payment on qualifying transactions through our affiliate networks. Payment is issued through PayPal and sent to your email address.


What is's Privacy Policy?
We value your privacy! Click here to read our privacy policy, which explains what information we collect, how we use information collected, how you can change your information, and other issues relevant to your privacy. 

How secure is my account information on
Our Cash Back Site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and firewall technology to protect your personal information. We are committed to protecting your privacy.


What are cookies and why do I need make sure that my computer is accepting them?
Cookies allow to credit you for the purchases made through our site.  They notify our affiliate sites that you've navigated to their site by linking through our shopping portal.  If they aren't enabled, our affiliates would have no way of knowing a transaction occurred based on the fact you were directed to their site by visiting  You must have your cookies turned on in order to be credited qualifying purchase totals you make through our program. Your browser should automatically accept cookies unless you have turned cookies off. In order to turn cookies back on in Internet Explorer, click on Tools and then Internet Options. Under Internet Options, click on the Privacy tab and then the Advanced button to choose the setting that will allow cookies. In Firefox, click on Tools and then Options. Under Options, click on the Privacy tab to choose the setting that will allow cookies.


Why did a Pending Commission disappear from My Dashboard? receives all purchase information directly from the affiliates. Pending Commissions can be removed for a few reasons.

  • The item purchased was returned or the order was canceled. Cash back cannot be issued for items returned.

  • The item purchased was exchanged and the exchanged item is a non-qualifying or non-commissionable item.

  • You didn't meet the minimum monthly requirements in order to qualify for the account credits associated with that specific month.


Why is a purchase I made not showing up?

  1. There are rare times when orders somehow slip through the cracks.  Please allow a week from the purchase date for the order to show up.  If a week has passed, please contact us and we will open an inquiry so that we can get the issue resolved.  If you took the time to fill out and save the order details on our website, there is a chance we are already working on locating the missed transaction.  Either way don't hesitate to contact us.
  2. Another reason this may occur is because a coupon that was associated with a non promotion was used that was sent either via email or through direct mail.  These coupons or codes may tell the vendor's software that the transaction was initiated from another source and not can obviously only credit purchases that are directly linked to the shopping portal.

Does my purchase have to be associated with a "deal" or "coupon code" in order for me to get credit / meet my minimum requirements?
Absolutely not.  As long as you've linked through to one of our affiliate sites you can purchase any item other than gift cards.  You can click the visit site button without even looking at the current offers and still receive credit on a qualifying purchase.